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Innovative textured product display and sampling solutions.

Realistic, dimensional product presentation achieved through advanced print technology. Simulations by Wallace Graphics is a highly-refined, multi-step print process that simulates product material texture and color. That’s right. Our simulations look and FEEL like your actual products – but without the downside of bulky materials.

Our simulations are indistinguishable from the original material

Simulations give you complete control of your inventory while still displaying all of its unique properties to your customers. Our simulations are perfect for showroom displays and product samples. How do we do it?

  1. A specialized 3-D scanner captures the color and texture of the original product.
  2. Our professional team digitally optimizes the resulting files.
  3. The substrate material is then etched with CNC.
  4. Textured layers are printed to simulate actual product surfaces.
  5. A high-definition photographic layer is provided to add additional color dimension and accuracy.
  6. CNC trimming completes the high-quality simulation.
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Maximize your product display options while minimizing your bottom line.

The utility of simulated print extends well beyond the production cost savings over product displays using original materials. Smart marketers continue to uncover new ways to use Simulations by Wallace Graphics to increase their revenue, including:

  • Sample Boards
  • Large-scale Showroom Displays
  • Take-home Samples
  • Retail Promotional Graphics

Gone are the days of lugging heavy product boards, dealing with cracks and chips during samples shipping, or limitations on how many products you can show at a time. The lightweight versatility of simulated print allows for displays in less-robust fixtures, speed and ease of installation, and freight savings.

With a typical 3 weeks or less production time, speed to market creates an agile environment to keep pace with changing market trends.

A variety of product applications at a fraction of the cost

Simulations by Wallace Graphics has perfected the use of simulated materials to provide you with an array of product simulation options, including:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Pavers
  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile
  • Shingles
  • Mosaic, Ceramic, and Porcelain Tile
  • Windows treatments, including blinds and drapes

The weight of these original materials not only creates display and mobility limitations but also leads to increased freight costs. With Simulations by Wallace graphics, realistic product samples for each of these products can be displayed with greater creativity at a fraction of the cost – and mobility is no longer an issue.

Save your real product inventory while providing customers greater accessibility to all available products.

Using inventory for product samples means lost revenue and unrecoverable production expenses – to the tune of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. Until now, it was an unavoidable expense. Now, it doesn’t have to be. There is a better way.

High-quality, dimensional simulated samples and displays allow your customers the flexibility to make design decisions and product availability when they are ready to purchase – all at cost savings to you.

Set yourself apart from the competition with the innovative product simulation solutions and the professional, personal service provided by Simulations by Wallace Graphics.

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