Custom Rack Cards & Rack Sheets

Rack cards (or rack sheets) are one of the most cost-effective forms of promotional printing.

Designed to fit in special display cases with a series of racks, or they can be stacked independently on a shelf or counter of a business. Rack cards are frequently used where there is significant foot traffic like hotels, restaurants, retail showrooms, as well as at trade shows. They are particularly popular in the tourism industry.

Distributing Your Rack Cards

You may opt to use a distribution company to place your rack cards due the convenience. Depending on your business type also consider partnering with other local businesses to share cards or ask to display your rack cards. Hotels, restaurants and grocery stores are excellent places with high foot traffic.

Finally, if you also plan to make your rack cards a self-mailer for a direct mail campaign you’ll need to leave space on the back for the indicia and addressing. Keep in mind that the postage will be higher than a standard direct mail piece if you’re using the standard 4” x 9” size.

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5 Tips to Creating a Successful Rack Cards

#1 Research

The first step is deciding how your rack cards will be distributed and what others (especially competitors) are doing. Stop by local businesses that display rack cards and take samples of ones that appeal to you. If you plan to use a distribution company you will want to see how other cards are displayed by them.

#2 Layout

The top half of the front of your rack card is your premium space. You’ll want to grab a viewer’s attention with content that clearly shows what you are offering. If you own a restaurant, you would want to include your logo and a descriptive headline like, “Authentic Thai Restaurant, Dine-In, Take-Out, Delivery”.

The bottom half of the front should reinforce to the top half with more information, but don’t be tempted to fill it up with text. Use one or more photos and enough text to enhance your offering. The back should include more details like a popular menu items, but do not include any pricing unless you plan to reprint your cards regularly. Finally, include your contact information, business hours and web address.

#3 Brand It

You already have a logo, brochure, business card and a website. Make your rack cards look like an extension of your brand with the same style, colors and text of your other brand assets.

#4 Call-to-Action

Include a coupon or special offer if it’s appropriate to your business. For the Thai restaurant, “Bring in This Card for a FREE Order of Spring Rolls!”. It’s critical to show a benefit and how to get it.

#5 Printing

The most popular size for rack cards is 4”x 9” and they are generally printed on heavy card stock. You might be tempted to choose a paper with a gloss finish, but keep in mind that rack cards are often placed under bright lighting or in direct sun. A satin or matte finish will prevent glare and the chance that your card is overlooked. If you’re going to use a distribution company they should have printing specifications for you.

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