Custom Product Sell Sheets

Printed sales sheets are like a salesperson on paper

Printed sell sheets are very useful when you want to promote a new or existing product as a standalone piece . You want to include all of the information that a prospect would need to make a purchasing decision.

A sell sheet typically includes quality product photos, diagrams, descriptive text, specifications, offers and your contact information.

Sell Sheets can be distributed in a number of ways. One or more can be used to create a sales or media kit, handed out at a trade show or used a part of a direct mail campaign to prospective buyers.

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5 Tips to Creating a Successful Sales Sheet

#1 Research

The first step is deciding the layout of your sell sheet. Start by going to your competitor’s websites and see if they have downloadable PDFs. Another option is a Google Images search to how other sell sheets are designed inside and outside of your industry.

#2 Layout

The front of your sell sheet should include your logo and headline, which can be a unique selling point, special offer or the brand and model type. Next, include one or more quality photos of the product. A photo of the full product along with close-up photos of its feature will add interest. Often a short description and your contact information is added to the remainder of front.

The back should include secondary information like the product specifications, full list of features, SKU and UPC information. Testimonials can also be included to reinforce your product.

#3 Brand It

You already have a logo, brochure, business card and a website. Make your sell sheets look like an extension of your brand with the same style, colors and text of your other brand assets.

#4 Call-to-Action

Include a discount or limited time special offer if it’s appropriate for your product. If you’re a manufacturer and you’re targeting a distributor, “Free Freight on Orders Over $5,000”. It’s critical to motivate your audience to respond.

#5 Printing

The most popular size for sell sheets is letter-size, and they are generally printed on a heavy text or cover weight paper. Keep the viewer in mind, so focus on readability. Place text in the white or light colored areas of the sheet. A satin or matte finish will prevent glare and you can accentuate important areas with a spot coating.

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