Custom Event Programs

Printed programs are beneficial for a wide range of events including sports games, theater performances, ceremonies and annual reports. They are a perfect medium when a large amount of information needs to be compiled and organized.

While programs are usually sold or given away at events, printed programs may also be used to promote events and scaled down to just the information that is needed.

Size and Format of Wallace Graphics Printed Programs

Printed programs are typically US letter size, but they can be any size depending on the content required and your budget. An unusual size can accentuate the design and add interest. In its simplest form, it could be a single piece of paper or a larger sheet folded, with the center laid out as one or two pages.

Another important factor to bear in mind is legibility. Consider the likely environment that your audience will be reading the program. If it’s a sporting event there might be bright sunshine; if it’s a movie or theater, most of the time the lights will be dimmed, so white paper stock with a larger font size would be better. 

The Wallace Graphics Team is Ready to Help

With all of the size, paper and specialty printing options available for your program project a little guidance goes a long way.

At Wallace Graphics we have years of experience to help you with your next program print project. Let’s talk.

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