Custom Event Programs

We deliver quality custom event programs that are sure to impress your audience.

Custom event programs can be used for an array of activities – from sports games and entertainment performances to speaker conferences and award ceremonies. For all your custom program printing needs, the experienced offset and digital printing professionals at Wallace Graphics have you covered.

Why Use Custom Event Programs?

Custom programs are the perfect choice when you want to convey information to your audience about a particular event. This could be anything from performances at a theatre show to a list of speakers with their profiles at a conference to the day’s agenda at an exhibition.

Wallace Graphics has successfully completed program printing for thousands of event managers and businesses throughout Georgia and can help you make important decisions so you get the best quality prints without breaking the bank.

Personalize Your Event Program

The best part about designing your own event programs is you can customize every aspect of it, from the imagery and font to the messages and content – making every event unique and personalized. Whether you choose to design your own program or use an existing template, we will ensure the final output looks outstanding with a choice of sizes and papers available in different colors. Our printing capability will deliver thousands of customized programs at the most cost-effective prices in the industry.

What Size Do You Choose for Custom Event Programs?

Printed programs can be any size you want depending on the amount of content you need, your preferred design, colors and your budget. There is no limit to what you can choose, so many businesses prefer to use unusual sizes that bring the design to life and add visual interest. While determining the size, images and content, it is important to understand the environment in which the program will be read. For example, will there be direct sunlight where shadows may be cast over overly glossy images? In dim spaces, you may want to use brighter imagery and larger fonts that are easier to read.At Wallace Graphics, we take pride in our printing capabilities and will move heaven and earth to ensure you get the exact program you envision. And if you need any help determining the best solution for your content, our experienced and friendly program printing team is always on hand to help. Plus, feel free to check out our other products like dimensional signage and trade show graphics that can complement your event program perfectly.

What to Add in Your Event Program?

There is no limit to where these event programs can be used, especially when you need to organize and compile a significant amount of information. So, where can you use custom event programs?

  • Wedding receptions
  • Award ceremonies
  • Speaker conferences
  • Entertainment shows
  • Expos and conventions
  • Funerals or memorials
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Exhibitions

For each of these events, the program usually includes information about the day’s itinerary, speaker details, menu and relevant images. You can also use them to thank and promote any event sponsors or honor individuals or corporations with dedications for their long-tasting financial or voluntary contribution to your organization.

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