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Personalized Merchandise Solutions for Your Brand

At Wallace Graphics, we offer a diverse range of options to customize your promotional merchandise. Whether it’s printing, embroidery, engraving, laser or embossing, we’ve got you covered. With every project, we take pleasure in the challenge of discovering the newest and most innovative products to enhance your brand. And, we handle everything from sourcing to decoration and delivery.

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Top-tier Distribution and Support Services

Our skilled and committed associates cater to large corporations by assisting them in discovering the ideal promotional products for various purposes such as event marketing, business communication, advertising, incentive programs, and others. As a distributor, we rank among the top 4% in the industry and can procure any merchandise at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, we offer top-notch service and around-the-clock customer support. Despite being a small business, we have the expertise and capabilities of leading establishments.

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