Event Signs and Meeting Signs

Whether you are launching a new product, announcing a grand opening or just having a customer appreciation cookout, a well-planned event can really boost your business. But it is not a sure thing. Even if you manage to plan and carry off the perfect event, if you don’t get the word out then it will just be a waste of time and money. Plus, you have to let the attendees know where to go once they get to the event. That means that you have to pay just as much attention to the event signs and displays inside the event as you will to the marketing targeted toward getting people to attend.

A common mistake event planners often make is to not take into account that the marketing will be different depending on if the event will be an outdoor event or an indoor event. For instance, when you are designing an outdoor event, you want to focus more on directional signs to keep the crowd moving and to let everyone know where the important venues are located. When you plan an indoor event, there is less ground to cover so you can focus on informational meetings signs, displays and backdrops to really sell the products.

At Wallace Graphics, we can handle any event signs you need to plan regardless of the size. We can provide you with a huge array of signs and displays including:

  • Directional signs
  • Booth displays
  • Large custom backdrops
  • Step and repeat backdrops for having photos taken

We pride ourselves on being able to assist everyone from the smallest entrepreneur working a booth at a trade show to citywide fashion shows and fundraisers. Contact us today for your custom event sign and meeting signs in Atlanta and across the southeast.


Event signs bring in the crowds