Oversized Photographic Prints & Duratrans

Wallace Graphics has your large format photo prints and duratrans needs covered.

We provide exceptional quality, great prices, on-time delivery and outstanding customer service – guaranteed. From evoking a reaction from your customers with an attention-grabbing shopfront portrait and showcasing oversized images of your professional photography at an art gallery to turning your favorite holiday photo into a life-size memory across your bedroom wall, large format photo prints have the potential to make a dramatic impact.

Our State-Of-The-Art Large Format Photo Printer

Producing a crisp vibrant image when enlarging photos to these sizes can be extremely challenging. Wallace Graphics uses a state-of-the-art Lightjet printer, the largest of its kind in the Southeast to deliver stunningly clear, color accurate images. It is capable of producing large-format photo prints up to 72”x120” without sacrificing clarity. Regular calibration and maintenance ensure the best quality prints for your needs.

The Lightjet printer is designed to produce premium quality extra large photo prints by combining image stability, color precision, high speeds, and print accuracy. Whether you need oversized photographic prints for personal or professional use, our printer offers the perfect solution.

Add Another Dimension to Photographic Displays with Duratrans

If you’re worried about commercial spaces looking too drab, have you considered duratrans to brighten the space? Duratrans or “durable transparency” refers to a process where your photo is printed on flexible translucent film which is backlit, bringing your photo to brilliant life. These must be professionally printed using highly specialized printers to produce beautiful, quality images with crisp colors and clarity as well as long lasting durability.

Wallace Graphics has the capability to put your photographs in the spotlight by using high-density ink and superior printers to produce duratrans that are suitable for an array of applications, whether outdoor or indoor.

Smart placement of high quality large format photo prints and Duratrans can be the perfect solution for businesses looking to better engage with prospects and customers in different outdoor and indoor locations. Contact Wallace Graphics or call 770-723-0202 to see how their more than 20 years of photographic printing experience can open up a wide array of options to help you stand out from the crowd.

Advantages of Duratrans Printing

Duratrans display large full-color images to make an impactful visual statement as office artwork, retail window displays, bus stop advertising, menu boards and movie posters. Some of the advantages of using them include –

  • Long Lasting Color – Normal dye or pigment colors fade over time when exposed to UV lighting, whereas duratrans tend to last for much longer.
  • High Quality Close Up or Distant Images – Full-color images that look great whether from up close or a distance.
  • Smooth Color Transition – Variable pixel size enables smoother color transitions.
  • Image Clarity Day or Night – Crystal clear images that can be seen in dim lighting, at night or even during the day.
  • Depth and Saturation – Allow for higher quality depth and saturation than alternative printing options.
  • Flexibility to Change Images – Since these prints are fixed to a lightbox, you have the flexibility to remove and replace images whenever necessary.

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