Oversized Photographic Prints & Duratrans

Photographs are one of the most popular forms of office decoration. You can use them on your desk, hang them up or enlarge them so they can cover an entire wall. When done right the effect is beautiful and eye-catching but you can run into problems. When you blow up a photograph the quality will start to degrade. You have to use an extremely high-quality printer to get the best wall-sized pictures.

At Wallace Graphics, we use the largest Lightjet printer in the southeast to produce photos up to 72”x120” with amazing clarity. We constantly calibrate our equipment to ensure it is always operating perfectly and producing high-quality prints.

Duratrans are also a fantastic way to create radiant displays. If you are not familiar with Duratrans, they are a “durable transparency” material. To put it simply, they are a film material that allows light to pass through them. This makes it perfect for backlit displays because it will really make your photo come to life.

When it comes to high-quality backlit displays, Duratrans are considered to be the industry standard because of their:

  • Color Life – When constantly exposed to UV light, colors tend to fade over time. Especially if they are dye or pigment based.
  • Dot Size – The pixel size in Duratrans are variable so it makes for smoother color transitions when used for photographic artwork.
  • Saturation – Duratrans allow for much higher saturation and depth than other options.
  • Opacity – Because of the backlighting, it is harder to get crisp blacks that allow for sharper images. Duratrans have noticeably higher opacity than other options.

Our staff has over 20 years experience with photographic printing, so we can help you get the right product for your needs.

Light up your office with Duratrans