Window Clings and Graphics

Whether you have sliding glass doors or large windows on the exterior of your business building, you can use these smooth, transparent surfaces to maximize your marketing efforts. It is the perfect place to advertise your products and services at source, drawing in new customers who were probably just passing by. Vinyl to window signage can also be used to direct customers to the right location – yours.

Vinyl Printing Materials for Glass Doors and Windows

Glass provides the perfect surface for matte- and glossy-finish adhesive vinyl signage that will last for as long as you want, depending on the product chosen.

Wallace Graphics offers several self-adhesive calendered vinyl products, with both matte and gloss finishes, that are manufactured for use on glass.

Calendered vinyl, produced using a process known as calendaring, is durable, stable, and it shrinks very little. Generally resistant to abrasion, it is the ideal vinyl type for medium- or relatively short-term use. It is also the obvious option for any application that doesn’t need to stretch around complex contours, including window graphics and flat murals.

Custom Window Vinyls from Wallace Graphics

Our showcase product for use on windows is a top quality vinyl printing material that features a non-reflective matte finish. We use only the best environmentally-friendly latex inks and use a high definition 720 dpi printing process that produces incredibly realistic two-dimensional images. This high-quality vinyl has permanent adhesive on one side that will last for three to five years outdoors.

We also offer a high-quality glossy-finish adhesive vinyl printing material that can also be printed with photo-realistic finishes. This product is regarded as semi-permanent and is ideal for applications that will need to be removed after about a year, or less.

Both these products are intended for use on ultra-smooth surfaces, specifically glass and metal. Once stuck on the window or glass door, they will block out the light and people inside will not be able to see outside. The only time this might not be advantageous is if you have a business that benefits from potential customers seeing into the building, perhaps to be drawn by so-called window dressing that displays items you will find inside, or if you want customers inside to benefit from an outside view, in a restaurant for instance. But even then a portion of the window can often be used for effective window signage.

We also stock a perforated vinyl material that can be printed on, but enables people on the inside of the building to see outside. This is a good solution for retail stores and even vehicle windows. The front of the material has 1 mm diameter holes that take up 40 percent of the surface. The reverse side, coated with adhesive, is black. Known as window perf, it is installed on the outside surface of windows.

All these vinyl products are installed by dampening the adhesive surface and then using a squeegee or sponge to smooth the surface and ensure it adheres to the glass.

Other Vinyl Options for Windows

Clear adhesive vinyl and cut vinyl letters are good options for business owners that want to display signage on windows. We also print decals and smaller stickers for windows.

Wallace Graphics not only helps with the planning and printing of your project, but we have a nationwide network for installation and roll outs of your projects.

Whichever service you require, you can rely on Wallace Graphics to delivery quality efficiently and effectively.

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