Custom Floor Graphics

Digital floor graphics take marketing to a whole new level, enabling you to utilize not just walls and windows, but the surfaces your customers walk on as well. Used imaginatively, floor graphics can draw attention to products and highlight branding, show people which direction to follow to get to a certain point or display a company message in the most unusual way.

Because flooring takes more of a beating than any other surface in a room, it is essential to use a company that specializes in graphic printing that is suitable for floors. Not only that, the way graphics are displayed on a floor is totally different to the way they are presented on walls or windows.

Wallace Graphics’ Custom Floor Graphics

Floor graphics may be used in offices and commercial settings as well as in-store where they are growing in popularity as a powerful means of directing customers to promotional and sales locations. They are also great for shopping malls and are an effective marketing method that utilizes existing space without the need for signboards. They are also a popular option for entertainment and sports venues. Our custom floor graphics are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, adding extra versatility.

Because floor graphics generally have a limited lifespan, they are a particularly good choice for promotions that change relatively recently, depending on the volume of foot traffic. Many companies use them for tradeshows because these seldom last for more than a few days and the material can usually be reused.

How Long Will Floor Graphics Last?

This question can only be answered in relation to where the floor graphics are used and what kind of foot traffic the installation will be subjected to. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the material used as well as the quality of printing. In a relatively sheltered environment a good quality printed vinyl floor graphic might last a year or more, sometimes indefinitely, but if thousands of people are using the route constantly, it will probably only last about three months.

We use top-quality vinyl for floor graphics and our high-quality 720 dpi printing process is exemplary. We use the finest latex inks that are eco-friendly but vivid and long-lasting.

Wallace Graphics offers floor graphics printed on high-quality vinyl with a choice of adhesives, as well as carpet graphics, and graphics suitable for concrete, tile, or hardwood floors. All of our floor graphics are laminated with slip-resistant laminate to ensure the safety of your customers. Call us to discuss your needs. We will evaluate your available floor space together with the expected traffic that will lead to wear and tear, and together we will find a top-quality affordable solution.

Adding Designer Graphics Underfoot