Custom Commercial Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are the perfect choice for commercial applications.

Our custom floor graphics are ideal for retail stores, offices, event venues, trade shows, entertainment events, exhibitions, universities, schools, sports arenas, shopping malls, lobby entrances and more. From sales promotions to advertising messages, utilizing floor space for your marketing needs is made more effective with custom floor graphics from Wallace Graphics. Our floor graphics are printed on high-quality vinyl with different adhesive options and can be customized to a variety of floors including carpet, concrete, tile, and hardwood.

Why Do Businesses Use Floor Graphics, Decals and Stickers?

When strategically placed, floor graphics, decals and stickers can boost knowledge of your business and products – ultimately increasing your chance of sales. From tiles to wood to carpet and everything in between, floor graphics can be customized to the specific needs of your business, giving you an additional, cost-effective marketing channel and photo-realistic imagery to increase your customer base.

One big benefit is that floor graphics can be removed and reused where needed. So, whether you need directional signs for exhibitions, seasonal product advertising, marketing messages in a mall or directions to product displays in your department store, you can use them in any capacity at different times for your business. From custom floor stickers to floor decal printing to custom vinyl floor decals, you have an array of options to suit your business needs.

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Custom floor graphics are an economical way to promote your business and products by creating more visibility on otherwise plain surfaces. If you’re looking for a professional, high-quality custom floor graphic for your business, there is no one better than Wallace Graphics to help you. Our unparalleled experience across both offset printing and digital printing will ensure you maximize your return with the right marketing tools for your business.

What are the Advantages of Custom Floor Graphics?

Custom floor graphics are a creative and effective way to promote your business by transforming floor space into a marketing tool. Some advantages include:

  • A laminated, non-slip finish on any type of floor material to keep your customers safe.
  • Additional flexibility as can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Ability to withstand foot traffic and different conditions.
  • Powerful marketing channel to showcase your messages and sales promotions.

We will work with you to evaluate your floor space and foot traffic so that we can identify the best quality solution for your budget. We can even create a custom floor sticker or customer floor decals depending on your specific needs.

Why Work with Wallace Graphics?

At Wallace Graphics, our experience over the last three decades has put us in the strongest position to identify the best quality prints and eco-friendly latex inks that last for as long as possible. Our 720dpi printing process creates a top-quality floor graphic in full vivid color that can be used on outdoor or indoor flooring, along with other applications like event signs and meeting signs. All our graphics can also be cut to different shapes and sizes, so everything is customized to your specific needs.

We’ll work with you to make sure your custom floor graphics perfectly suit your application, whether indoors or outdoors, we can make recommendations to help deliver the best possible printing result.

How Long Will Floor Graphics Last?

The lifespan of floor graphics will depend on their location, foot traffic and print quality. For instance, a high-quality vinyl print in an indoor environment with lower foot traffic could last for as long as a year – maybe more.

But if used outdoors with plenty of foot traffic, they may last a few months. Typically, floor graphics work best for changing promotions or in places like trade shows where they could be used for a few days and then reused elsewhere.

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