Point of Purchase Displays and Graphics

Wallace Graphics produces high-quality point of sale displays for all types of businesses.

While many business owners focus on getting foot traffic through their doors, it is not the end of the customer journey. In order to cultivate a meaningful relationship with your customers, your communication must be ongoing. What they see in your store is just as important as how you got them through your doors in the first place, which is why point of purchase displays can play such a vital role in your sales process.

In addition to point of purchase displays, we can also help you with dimensional signage, window clings, brochures and more.

What are Point of Purchase Displays?

Point of purchase displays are marketing materials placed next to the products you want to promote or near the store checkout. These are underutilized but there is no denying their effectiveness in convincing your customer to make a purchasing decision.

Quite unlike other marketing channels that are designed to attract foot traffic into your store, point of sale displays focus on what they experience inside your store – bringing attention to specific products, brands and special discounts. Having the right marketing message with these types of displays will encourage a good shopping experience in your store.

As large format printing specialists, Wallace Graphics can help you with a range of printed products for inside and outside your store – from large banners and wallpaper to stretch backdrops and pop-up displays.

Benefits of Point of Purchase Displays

There are plenty of reasons why you should utilize point of purchase or point of sale displays inside your store.

  • They put the spotlight on specific products and offers you want to promote.
  • They provide you with more opportunity to showcase products and brands over your competition.
  • They have versatile options that come in many shapes and sizes for different areas within your store.
  • They are fully customized to your specific store needs – no limit to how creative you can be.

How Do Point of Purchase Displays Work?

Point of purchase displays can be simple or elaborate depending on what you want to communicate to your customer. For example, if you are running a special promotion on a certain brand or type of product in one of your aisles, you will want to direct your customer towards it.

Point of purchase displays are no longer just at the cash register. They can be placed at different locations inside the store to influence the buying decision with greater success. Point of sale displays, on the other hand, are typically placed where the buying happens (at the cash register usually).

How will Wallace Graphics Work with You?

As an experienced digital and offset printing specialist, Wallace Graphics has produced customized point of purchase displays for hundreds of businesses through the years. We work with both small and large retailers for their specific needs.

In some instances where larger retail companies struggle with fulfillment for smaller stores and franchises, Wallace Graphics offers special, easy-to-use print fulfillment services. Your franchisees and customers can get in touch with us directly and we will supply them with the right point of purchase displays – taking away your hassle of coordinating with multiple stores.

We can also provide installation of these point of sale displays where needed, giving you complete peace of mind. Just give us a call and let’s discuss how we can work with you.

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