Custom Digital Wallpaper Printing

Wall graphics provide a powerful means of marketing and sharing corporate messages in commercial and office environments. Furthermore, any digital images may be used for wall graphics, provided they are of a high enough resolution for printing. The key is to create a digital wallpaper design that will make an unforgettable impact whether you are aiming at customers or staff members.

Digital wallpaper, in the sphere of contemporary wall graphics, is quite different to the kind of wallpaper we might use in our homes as part of an interior design scheme. Instead of being a decorating tool, when digital wallpaper is used for graphic impact in a work setting, it is the content that is important, and this will usually be in the form of images combined with logos and lettering.

The Function of Digital Wallpaper Graphics

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Sometimes called “super-graphics”, digital wallpaper can promote your brands, display mission statements, and help to introduce your corporate colors into the work environment. It may also be designed as a backdrop to encourage discussion or perhaps to distinguish between different areas or even departments within an office or commercial building.

A bespoke wall decoration may be employed to communicate with staff or boost morale, or perhaps to make visitors feel welcome.

Presentation is vital, and so the images and messages must be chosen very carefully. The graphic impact of digital wallpaper can be extremely powerful, and it can transform the interior of an entire building or may just be used for certain spaces.

Graphics for Digital Wallpaper

Anything that can be printed using our superior printing equipment can be used for wall graphics. The required size or resolution of the image or images (in terms of the dimension of pixels) to be incorporated will depend on the size of wall graphics to be printed.

Some customers opt for wall graphics that cover vast wall areas while others prefer to highlight smaller sections, sometimes within an interior wall. Generally, when large wall graphics are required we will print these in a series of smaller sections that can be attached seamlessly to the wall.

At Wallace Graphics we take great pride in the quality of work we produce, so we insist on top quality graphics that will impress you and your audience. If you are unable to provide suitable images, we will source them for you and suggest design ideas, working closely with you to meet your unique needs.

Custom Digital Wallpaper from Wallace Graphics

At Wallace Graphics, we offer several different options for wall graphics, including digitally printed wallpaper. All our wall graphics are printed using our top-quality 720 dpi printing process that creates knockout photo-realistic vinyl prints.

Products include:

  • Removable digital wallpaper: Like vinyl manufactured for use on glass and metal, digital wallpaper has different grades and finishes, with adhesive backings that last for different periods of time. Removable digital wallpaper has a semi-permanent adhesive that will stick to a smooth surface, including drywall structures, and is simple to install. It is the best solution for wall graphics you plan to use for a relatively short period of time – no more than a year.
  • Digital wallpaper and murals: Following the industry standard, digital wallpaper and murals backed with a permanent adhesive will last as long as five years. We print using eco-friendly latex inks and produce incredibly realistic results using our 720 dpi process.
  • Wallboard vinyl: Designed for use as a temporary digital wallpaper solution and for temporary signage, wallboard vinyl is very easy to install and remove. It is also easy to clean. A benefit is that the adhesive used enables you to remove the wall graphics and reapply them elsewhere making the product an ideal solution for events.
  • Wall fabric: This is not a vinyl product, but rather a polyester fabric that has an adhesive backing that is easily installed and removed. This means that it can be moved in the same way as wallboard vinyl graphics. While wall fabric graphics are printed, they aren’t waterproof like vinyl graphics.

Wallace Graphics not only helps with the planning and printing of your project, but we have a nationwide network for installation and roll outs of your projects.

If you want to use digital wallpaper or similar products for graphic impact in your business environment, contact Wallace Graphics for more information and advice. Our service is sure to exceed your expectations.