Promotional Door Hangers

The most common door hangers are those used on the outside of a hotel, motel, or other establishment doors with a simple message like: “Please do not disturb” or “Please clean room.” 

That’s where they started, but door hangers have come a long way. With a good design, clear message, and top quality printing, door hangers will grab the attention of potential customers, whether you want to sell takeaway pizza or property.

While door hangers were traditionally used within the confines of establishments offering accommodation, today they are often used like calling cards that are delivered directly to houses or apartments in a specific neighborhood advertisers want to target.

The fact is that door hangers are a cost-effective medium for marketing. It’s like a direct mail campaign but without the postage costs! Quite different from leaflets, brochures, catalogs and other forms of printed advertising, they offer high visibility to create brand awareness and increase market reach within a specific area.

But this does mean you need a design that will hook on the outside of a door and be sufficiently sturdy to not be blown away.

5 Benefits of Marketing with Door Hangers

1. Creative Flexibility
When you’re designing a door hanger the only requirement is that it must attach to a door knob. Other than that, you have a blank canvas when it comes to shape, size, colors and text. For instance, if you have a tree cutting service you could have a door hanger die cut in the shape of a saw to reinforce your message.

2. Low Cost
Compared to other forms of print advertising like direct mail and magazine ads, door hangers are a great option for local businesses with a small marketing budget. There is some legwork needed to distribute your hangers, but you’re eliminating the cost of postage.

3. Stickiness Factor
An effective door hanger campaign can have a high conversion rate if it includes a short and powerful call to action such as a limited time special offer or an attractive service like a free oil change that will motivate your audience to respond.

4. Targeted Audience
Door hangers are highly effective for local businesses and you have the benefit of choosing your audience. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant that delivers you would want to target apartment complexes, office buildings and homes.

5. Distribution Control
When to place door hangers in front of your potential and existing is a great advantage, especially when for events and time-sensitive offers. It creates a sense of urgency with your audience.

Successful Door Hanger Design

First, decide what you want your door hanger direct marketing campaign to achieve. Then:

  • Decide on a message that is concise and clear.
  • Keep your message short and sweet, but intriguing, so potential customers want to know more. Direct them to your website or tell them to call.
  • Commit to a special offer that will persuade people to engage.
  • Wow your customers with a creative design that makes them remember you.
  • When it comes to paper, a heavier cover stock adds to the perceived value of your offer.

Ideal Promotions for Door Hangers

When assessing who the ideal customers for door hangers will be, and what promotions will work, there are two primary factors to consider:

  1. Since you aren’t using a postal service, you need to have a specified area to target.
  2. The service you offer needs to be relevant to that area.

Ideal promotions include:

  • Real estate sales in the area. List a few of the properties for sale, or appeal to potential sellers by listing those you have sold.
  • Restaurant launches and special offers. Drawing attention to a restaurant on a door hanger can work for deliveries, take out and dine-in meals.
  • Home and garden services including landscaping, house painting, plumbing services, and just about every other form of construction from paving and driveways to home additions.
  • Political campaigns.

Whatever you want to advertise, if you have a local area you can service, door hangers make a great direct marketing medium – and we can help you. Contact Wallace Graphics about your next door hanger print project for a winning direct marketing tool.