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Printing door hangers can skyrocket your sales potential

Printed door hangers are a truly unique way to deliver your promotional message to your audience.

Your prospects are more likely to notice your advertisement hanging on door handles – making them more attention-grabbing and effective than other tools.

Whether you want to incentivize customers to purchase from you or simply increase brand awareness, printing promotional door hangers with Wallace Graphics is the perfect solution for your business.

How to Decide Your Door Hanger Design?

Here are some smart tips to keep in mind when you design your promotional door hanger:

  • Choose colors and imagery that resonate with your brand identity
  • Make sure your message is clear, crisp and concise
  • Deliver an attractive offer with a call to action that sparks engagement
  • Choose heavier stock paper to deliver the perception of a higher quality ad

Businesses that can benefit from marketing outreach with door hangers include real estate companies, property managers, restaurants and cafes, bars, retail shops, electrical and plumbing services, gardening and landscaping services, construction companies, local tradesmen, builders, political campaigns and more. Put simply, if your business needs to engage with a local audience, door hangers could be the ideal solution for you.

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Why Door Hanger Printing?

Customized door hangers are innovative tools for advertising your business. A great door handle design combined with superior quality printing will ensure your customers can’t help but take notice of your message – whether it is on a hotel room door, on individual house doors or in an apartment complex.

Benefits of Printable Door Hangers

Promotional door hangers come with an array of benefits for your business.

Get As Creative As You Like

When you design a door hanger, you have the freedom to deliver your message creatively within the allotted space. It is a blank canvas that allows you to choose the message, design, colors, shape, and size. For example, if you run an Italian restaurant, imagine a door hanger design in the shape of a mouth-watering pizza with an unbeatable promotional offer.

Keep Costs Low

Door hangers are a quick and easy way to spread the word about your business without the cost of postage or magazine ads. So, if you have a small marketing budget, this could be an incredibly cost-effective solution. Restaurants, shops and real estate businesses are increasingly embracing the lucrative value of door hanger printing.

Reach a Local Audience Effectively

Considering that a prospect will almost always take a second look at a door hanger, it is an effective way to reach your local audience and let them know details or offers related to your business in the area.

Make an impact before they open the door!

Many Wallace Graphics customers have found that by printing promotional door hangers and distributing them in their desired target areas they are able to draw more business than with a direct mail campaign, without the expensive postage costs. While leaflets and brochures can get trashed without a second glance, promotional door hangers tend to have a larger impact because your prospects look at it before opening the door.

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