Plexiglass & Acrylic Prints

Acrylic plexiglass prints will enliven and protect your photographs and drawings.

You can even use these cutting-edge acrylic prints for in-house marketing images or for on-wall display of product portfolios, especially anything relating to design or architecture, or in fact anything beautiful.

Perfect for all types of digital images, we use our state-of-the-art printing equipment to print directly on the plexiglass surface or onto the best quality photographic paper that is then face-mounted to the backside of the acrylic surface. Both methods create extra depth and produce high detail that isn’t achievable using other print forms.

Custom Acrylic Prints from Wallace Graphics

Optically pure, branded acrylic materials like Plexiglas, Perspex, and Lucite (commonly referred to a plexiglass with 2 x s) are all used to create stunning digital artworks that have an amazing depth and astonishing detail. Choose photographs that ooze bright, radiant colors and you will find the finished creation will be brilliantly luminous with a fascinating depth you would never achieve if the picture was simply framed behind glass.

In addition to the fact that acrylic prints are generically brighter and more beautiful than ordinarily framed prints, one on one, they are also lighter and less likely to be broken or scratched. Even though these acrylic materials have the same translucency, if not the transparency of glass, the effect is a lot more powerful visually, and the acrylic material reflects light and adds to the impact and glamor of the displayed image. It certainly makes an impact!

Of course, it depends on the digital image we start with, but plexiglass prints are undoubtedly a supremely superior and ultimately more sophisticated 21st century version of the now jaded frameless 20th century box print that looked enticing and beautiful until exposed to the sun, dust, wear, and tear. These modern masterpieces look better, last longer, and are, quite simply superior in every possible way.

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The Best Way to Hang Plexiglass or Acrylic Prints

Clean, modern hanging methods will make your plexiglass prints appear to float off your walls. We supply these prints either with pre-attached wire at the back that you can use to hang on a hook attached to the wall, or with stand-off posts at the corners that attach to the wall but keep the print away from the wall. We can also assist with mounting and hanging.

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