Large Format Canvas Printing

Canvas has a beautifully textured surface that makes photo enlargements look realistic and stunning without sacrificing clarity.

That is why; large canvas printing is a popular choice for those who want to frame sentimental memories or craft works of art against the backdrop of their bedrooms or living rooms. At Wallace Graphics, we use the most state-of-the-art printers and employ the latest technologies to provide customized canvas print services for your specific needs.

Let us help you with your canvas printing needs?

Wallace Graphics will take care of your large format canvas printing project from start to finish. We can also use our nationwide network to install and roll out your projects with ease. Find out how we can help you by calling us at 770-726-0202.

Custom Digital Wallpaper Products from Wallace Graphics

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality digital wallpaper products to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Removable digital wallpaper comes with different types of adhesives for multiple purposes –

Why Choose Large Canvas Printing?

Canvas is an easy durable solution that allows you to enhance images without losing clarity. It is also more cost-effective in comparison to traditional prints or original work from artists. For wall art that is not just gorgeous to look at, but high in quality and long-lasting, you cannot go wrong with canvas printing.

Wallace Graphics employs the latest in printing equipment and techniques to produce bright, high-definition images that perfectly present your image with uncompromised precision, depth and texture. Paying close attention to every detail, we make sure your canvas springs to life.

What Can You Turn Into A Canvas Print?

You can turn virtually anything into a large canvas print for your home or office – from exciting vacations to landscapes. The list is literally endless and entirely up to you.

Photography and digital photography, from a camera or mobile phone, makes it easy for you to capture beautiful wall images of products you produce that can be framed by stretching on to a large canvas. As long as the image is high quality, you can turn literally anything you want into canvas artwork. The choice is all yours!

The best part of a canvas print is the professional quality you get without having to pay a fortune – making it one of the most popular choices for everyone from homeowners to tenants.

What Photos Work Best for Canvas Printing?

We always encourage you to use the highest resolution images possible for large canvas prints since they are able to stretch better than their lower res counterparts. Many cell phone cameras today produce excellent high-res photos. They look perfect on large, empty walls – creating dynamic style and taste for any room.

You can either place multiple canvas prints next to each other or use single canvas prints on specific walls – the choice is all yours.

Why Choose Wallace Graphics?

Wallace Graphics not only focuses on high-quality canvas products, but we also pay attention to every image – digitally preparing them to make sure you receive the best possible result. Where needed, we can enhance the resolution, contrast and color to make the image even more appealing when extended on to the canvas backdrop.

As experts in large canvas printing, we make sure you get high-quality prints every time. Meticulous attention to detail, advanced equipment and a personal touch make us the go-to printer of choice for many.

If you have an image in mind, Let Wallace Graphics transform it into a stunning canvas print. To get more information on large canvas printing, get in touch with us today at 770-723-0202 and we’ll walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

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