Large Format Canvas Printing

At Wallace Graphics, we use cutting-edge printers to create custom large format canvas printing products of outstanding quality. Our printers produce bright, vivid, high definition images with unrivaled clarity. We take great pride in using the most advanced printing technology to give our clients the highest quality product possible.

We have the experience you need to turn anything from your favorite vacation moments to your favorite movie poster into stretched canvas art that you will want to keep forever. Imagine what you could do with professional quality posters on canvas. Decorating your entertainment room could be taken to all new levels. Call Wallace today to get details on how to submit your digital photo or design for large format canvas printing.

Historically, framed artwork on canvas has been the most popular way to decorate. Paintings have hung in castles, museums, houses, businesses and anywhere else humans have called home for hundreds of years. But after the advent of photography, and then later digital photography, canvas artwork was seen less and less because it was so much easier to decorate with personal photos. After all, would you rather be surrounded by nameless models or your friends and family? Once photography took over as the main form of decoration, canvas artwork became seen as too expensive for the ordinary person and it was left to high-end homes and art galleries.

Now that digital photography and digital printing has become commonplace, trends are starting to shift again. You can have your personal pictures or digital artwork transferred directly onto a stretched canvas. You can create old-fashioned artwork out of just about any image you can think of as long as the picture is of high enough quality. This allows our customers to enjoy the old-fashioned elegance of canvas paintings while having a direct connection to the subject of the piece.

Take your pictures from digital to daring...