Trade Shows Displays and Graphics

Trade Show Displays and Graphics

Trade shows are a great way to display your products and services because they are directed towards a specific audience and can bring you a string of qualified leads and genuine customers. For these reasons, you’ll want to carefully consider your trade show displays and graphics, so you are able to deliver the right message to the right people. At Wallace Graphics, we produce eye-catching trade show graphics using the highest quality inks and large format printing processes. We can also help you with event signs, dimensional signs and vinyl banners as part of your trade show needs.

Types of Trade Show Displays and Graphics

Trade show graphics and displays are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to grab attention. Some ideas include:

  • Retractable Banner Stands
  • Modular Truss Banner Displays
  • Portable Pop-Up Displays
  • Light-Up Displays
  • Quick Fabric Pop-Up Banners
  • Stretch Fabric Walls
  • Table-Top Trade Show Displays
  • Outdoor Banners and Flags
  • Advertising Tents
  • Tension Fabric Displays
Tradeshow Display | Fabric Sublimation

Why Work with Wallace Graphics?

At Wallace Graphics, our versatile printed materials can be used in an array of settings including trade shows, exhibitions, events, product launches, conferences and much more – helping you make a big splash and delivering your message as effectively as possible.

As offset printing experts, we use quality materials that can withstand transport from one place to another, which means you can use your printed materials again and again. Our high-resolution graphics are sure to make your business stand out, even in the crowd.

We have helped hundreds of businesses with their trade show needs over the years – from large exhibits to simple pop-up displays. We can customize printing and colors to your corporate branding, using high-quality inks that bring versatile and attention-grabbing designs to the forefront.

Get in touch with Wallace Graphics today and let’s discuss your trade show display needs today.

How to Select the Right Trade Show Display

Trade show displays range from simple banner stands to stretchable fabric and light-up displays and more. Before deciding on the specific display for your business, it is important to understand your objectives.

  • Are you looking for leads and sales?
  • Are you trying to direct customers to your website?
  • Do you want to chat with prospects at the event?
  • Do you want to increase your social media engagement?
  • Do you want to generate interest in your products and services to a new audience?

There are different goals you may have at different events, each serving a specific purpose. You will need to look at everything from the space available to booth displays, to traffic flow, and your budget before determining the right display option for your business. Using our longstanding experience with trade show displays and exhibits, the team at Wallace Graphics will be happy to help you make the best possible decision for your needs.

What are the Benefits of Trade Show Graphics?

Trade show graphics today are modern in design and ideal, cost-effective alternatives to traditional marketing channels. Some of the benefits include:

  • Ability to showcase your brand’s message and intent to an engaged audience.
  • Cost-effective brand messaging solutions.
  • Quick setup and takedown options.
  • High-quality, resilient materials can be used time and again.
  • Lightweight, convenient and durable across multiple uses.
  • Anti-fade fabrics and materials.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor events.

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