The Value of Direct Mail Coupons

A smart coupon marketing strategy can play an enormous role in the success of direct mail campaigns. Furthermore, done the right way, it can be a very profitable exercise that drives new customers to your business.

You might think coupons are old school, outdated, and not worth the effort, but that certainly isn’t true. In fact, research shows that most (about 96%) Americans use coupons – maybe not all the time, but sometimes. Everybody likes a good deal, and if a coupon offers a discount, you’re going to get takers. And it doesn’t matter who they are, how much they earn, what sort of education they have, or even how old they are.

Here are some surprising statistics that show just how varied the direct mail coupon market is:

  • Wealthy Consumers About 50% of people who earn at least $150,000 per annum use coupons at least 50 times a year. That’s roughly once a week. Surveys indicate that anyone in a household earning $100,000 or more is twice as likely to use coupons than households that bring in less than $35,000. They might buy more expensive products, but they will still use coupons to get a discount to save money.
  • Consumers with a College Education A survey undertaken by a company that specializes in coupons shows that those with a college education are 78% more likely to use coupons that those without a college education. Whilst no specific reasons are cited, if you’ve got access to people with qualifications, add them to your next direct mail coupon campaign. 
  • All Ages There’s a general misconception that elderly folk are the ones that use coupons the most. Rather, young adults aged between 18 and 34 are even more likely to use them. There is evidence that millennials are more likely than anyone else to use coupons to plan their shopping sprees. According to an American advertising firm, Valassis and market research firm, Ipsos, more than 90% of millennials in a survey they undertook increased their use of coupons. Most seem to find and share them via social media.

Why You Should Include Coupons in Your Direct Mail Campaigns

According to various studies, many customers regard coupons as a kind of reward for doing business with particular brands. Many will even switch brands just because of coupon offerings, especially when the discount offered is around 25%. By offering worthwhile coupons, you can keep your loyal customers and maybe steal a few from your competitors.

Another important factor is that coupons provide businesses with the opportunity to track the response rate of customers who have been targeted. You can also use them to link sales made as part of the direct mail campaign as a whole, which will provide you with the ability to calculate an ROI more accurately.

What Products do People Use Coupons to Buy?

While it is true that many people use coupons to buy products they are familiar with, the statistics show that as many as 86% are prompted to try new products and services when offered coupons.

The type of product or service varies, but it seems that about 60% of coupons are for non-food items including office supplies, cleaning products, and clothing. They are particularly popular with restaurant-goers.

While traditional coupons are printed, today online coupons are also gaining ground, together with mobile coupons. This is another important consideration.

Ultimately, regardless of the type of coupons you send out, it is important not to make assumptions about who will respond to coupons and who won’t. It doesn’t matter how old they are, what education they’ve achieved, or how much they earn, people love getting good deals.

There is no doubt that coupons will help all kinds of businesses attract new customers and keep those they already have. If you’d like to add coupons to your direct mail campaigns, contact Wallacegraphics. We are the direct mail experts and will have you covered from printing to postage and mailing. Call us today!

There’s Nothing Better Than a Good Story

A simple and powerful way to create connections.

Since the beginning of time, stories have transported us to a different time and place. More importantly, they have the power to insert us into the story as if we are experiencing it ourselves. Great stories resonate with us because they share a belief or value that we embrace. That’s why they’re memorable and persuasive.

Movies are a great example of compelling storytelling. It’s why we laugh, cry, cover our eyes, or yell at the screen when one of our values is violated. Most of the information we experience in our everyday lives is in the form of a story: texts, news, sports highlights, reality shows, or even a conversation with a co-worker.

In its purest form, a story has three fundamental elements: 1. a character 2. overcoming an obstacle 3. to reach a goal. The same factors apply when you build your business story.

Building a Powerful Business Story

Let’s apply the format to your business. A business with a product or service (the character) wants to bring awareness (the obstacle) to consumers to make a purchase and share their positive experience with others (the goal). That’s a simplistic example, but creating a powerful and lasting connection between your business and your customers is a complicated marketing journey.

What a Powerful Business Story is Not

Let’s look at a standard business story, “Tom needs a lawnmower to cut his grass. He went to the store and bought a Lawn Monster 27″ mulching lawnmower with premium direct drive, ultra mulching blade technology, and electric start. Tom loves how great his lawn looks, and it takes less time to cut than with other lawnmowers. Buy a Lawn Monster mower today!” The story does communicate the product, points of difference, and a call to action to buy one, but it’s a pretty dull story. It creates no connection because it’s product-focused rather than customer-focused.

A Better Approach

Now let’s reword it to create a connection. “To the homeowner who understands the value of reliable lawn equipment, and considers a well-trimmed lawn a reflection of themselves. Who politely dismisses the compliments from friends and neighbors, but quietly feels a sense of pride. Lawn Monster mowers don’t cut grass; they make lawnscapes.” The difference between the two stories is apparent. The first one has no personal connection, and the second one puts the consumer into the story by connecting what the brand stands for with what the consumer believes or values.

Connections like the above are far more likely to turn consumers into customers and hopefully into cheerleaders for your business. Nike is a good example. It sells all types of athletic equipment, but what it sells is entirely different from the story it tells. Nike’s brand stands for achievement, perseverance, discipline, and dedication. You can see it in their tagline, “Just Do It.”. It resonates because it’s the same thing that the little voice in our head says when we’re deciding whether to go to lunch or to go for a run. Great relationships are built on shared values–not products.

We’re interested in hearing your story and how we can help you with your next print marketing project. Let’s talk.

SunTrust Park/Delaware North Window Film Printing and Installation

19 windows were output and installed on site The customer wanted the look of RTA vinyl, but liked the idea Of using an optically clear film and printing the graphics on – so Fans could not pull the individual pieces of vinyl off the windows.

The look was achieved using optically clear film and printing color Images backed with white ink. The panels were installed on the face Of the windows because the windows had been tinted already.

It was a great look, and the hope is to generate more sales by letting fans know that the building is a restaurant.


How Vehicle Wraps Can Advertise Your Business

The opportunities for advertising can be mind-boggling. In addition to traditional advertising in printed media, on radio and TV, and on the Internet, digital printing opens up a whole new world of potential exposure. Whether you want on-site advertising, dimensional signs for trade shows, or some sort of retail display, there is a wealth of choice.

Fleet Graphic Wraps

One form of advertising that often slips the list of options, particularly for smaller businesses, is vehicle wraps. Yet vehicle wraps can provide an incredibly powerful form of sharing brands, products, services, and generally expanding your business as a whole.

Value of Vehicle wraps

Literally used to “wrap” your vehicle, vehicle wraps are engaging and can reach a wider audience than most other forms of advertising. Of course, it depends on how many vehicles you choose to use for advertising and how much time they spend on the road. But generally, vehicle wraps are cost effective and they can be redone more frequently than billboards for a much smaller investment.

Vehicle wraps are also an invaluable form of local advertising because you can target exactly the areas you want. If you’re driving around the neighborhood where you generally do business then your customers and potential customers are likely to spot your moving advert. If you drive further afield, there’s a good chance you’ll attract at least some additional business interest, depending on the products and services you offer.

How to Use Vehicle Wraps

It depends largely on the way vehicle wraps are designed.

While brightly colored wraps will certainly make your vehicles stand out from the others, the message needs to be clear. Lots of wordage is unlikely to be read, but pictures will only tell the story if they are clearly defined. The simplest example is to use photographs of the product you want to advertise, perhaps with a simple slogan. But if you are advertising a service you may need to use generic images and just a few words with great impact.

If this is an advertising medium that appeals to you, Atlanta-based MegaBytes Digital can help. Contact us now for ideas and a quotation.

Choose a Storefront Sign That Sets You Apart from Your Competition

If you have a real-time store it’s vital that you choose signage that will set you apart from your competitors. That is one of the best ways that you will be able to excel in your line of business.

window sticker | window vinyl | retail display

While there are a number of different types of signs that can be used outside and on buildings to help market a business, not all signs are suitable for a storefront as such. For instance, a pole or pylon sign might draw attention to the fact your store exists, but a wall sign will have a much bigger impact especially if it is mounted above or adjacent to the entrance of your store.

The Value of a Good Storefront Sign

Storefront signs don’t just identify businesses. Provided they are well designed they have the ability to attract a lot more customers to any business.

Above all else, the fact is that a storefront sign creates a first impression. If it’s good you’re likely to attract new business. Even if it is mediocre you are likely to attract new trade. But either way you do need to reflect your identity and the brand you want to market.

Choosing a Good Storefront Sign That Will Help Get You More Business

Storefront signs need to tell the story of the store, its products, and brands they are promoting and selling. Generally, a clean, attractive sign will attract attention. It should be clearly visible from street level and should reflect the corporate identity of the business.

Color is also important, and it helps if business owners are able to recognize the impact different colors have. While we all have our own favorite colors some colors have different effects across the board. For example, red comes across as a stimulant while blue is cooling and yellow is regarded as a happy, cheerful color. Blue is also a trustworthy color that represents dependability.

But no business can consider and expect results based on the impact of color in a sign alone. The company’s corporate colors, as well as the colors used in their logo, are also of paramount importance. In addition to colors that make an impact, a readable typeface and a good message are essential.

Wallace Graphics has a wealth of experience in terms of what works and our professional team can help you decide on a storefront sign that will set your business apart from your competition. Contact us to arrange for a consultation that will help you get the best signage in your business.