Custom Digital Wall Murals While You Wait

The Lile Wellness custom digital print wallpaper project.

No, we can’t produce and install a mural for you while you wait in our lobby, but we learned recently that we can do it pretty fast. Wallace Graphics was asked by the Whitehouse agency to produce a set of custom digital print wallpaper murals based on their creative concept for the Lile Wellness Partners Alpharetta, Georgia location.

Lile Wellness Partners offers a holistic approach to wellness services through compounding, thermography and DNA make up. Its patients are interested in better living through tailored programs to increase stamina, appearance, and longevity.

The project presented several challenges. The first being a time frame of 48 hours for the production and installation of the custom digital wallpaper prior to the grand opening of the new location. Next, the offices for Lile Wellness were still under construction, and one of the custom wallpaper murals continued on from the wall and onto the ceiling.

Our initial step was to measure and prep the walls and ceiling where the murals were to be installed. Working around the contractor’s and builder’s schedule was not a major issue, however, the night crew of painters painted over the prepped walls, which reduced our installation time to 24 hours. The final challenge was the amount of custom cutting required for the ceiling mural due to the number of lights, air vents, and sprinkler heads.

We chose Bali Hai Wallscapes by Ultraflex for the wallpaper material, because of its mild texture, low sheen, and durability. In a commercial setting, a higher grade of wallpaper material is needed for its scuff resistance and easy cleaning without impacting the digital print.

In the end, we made the deadline and Monica White, owner and creative director at Whitehouse responded to our follow-up by stating, “We are in love with the end project.  Lots of changes and the toughest deadline yet…could not have done the project without Wallace Graphics and Ginger as the project manager.”

Whether you’re in a hurry or not, we can help with your next custom digital print wallpaper project. Let’s talk.

What Effective Signage Can Do For Your Business

Effective signage is one of the most important marketing strategies business owners can use to advertise their company, products, and/or brand.

Research shows just how powerful signage can be, particularly in terms of new businesses. For instance, the US Small Business Administration reports that a 24-month study of 165 small independent businesses revealed that half of their new customers were drawn to the business by exterior signage.

What Makes a Business Sign Effective?

window clings | retail signs

While there are a number of options when it comes to choosing business signs, there are some proven standards that make a business sign effective:

  • It must be specific in terms of the message it communicates.
  • Remember the KISS principle: keep it simple stupid. You have just five seconds to get the message across.
  • The message should be concise and clear with just enough information to get it across.
  • It must stand out rather than blend with the background. The use of a single color, a bold logo, or another kind of image can be immensely powerful.
  • Make sure it has a good call to action that will entice customers in the door or encourage them to buy a product.

Of course, signage isn’t always external. Businesses also use signs inside their stores to identify different departments, direct customers through their store or building, or to advertise in-house.

Regulations for Exterior Business and Advertising Signs

Every town, city, and/or community has rules and regulations that relate to exterior business signs and boards used for advertising. Before you have your business sign designed and made make sure you know what is allowed in your area. Regulations will specify sizes (width and height of the sign itself) as well as the height of the post or pole on which it will be erected, or where it may be displayed on a building. Allowable materials may also be specified.

Some communities place restrictions on color and letter sizes, and some even limit message content.

You will find this information at your local authority or zoning commission office.

Types of Signs for Business Use

There are many different types of materials that may be used for effective signage. There are also many sign variations including:

  • Simple pole signs where the sign is mounted on a post or pole and normally utilized by one company only.
  • Pylon signs that are frequently used by commercial operators at shopping centers, malls, hotels, and along the freeway. These usually display multiple signs and promote the businesses that are located close to the sign.
  • Wall signs that are erected on buildings above or near the entrance to a building. These range from flat signs and dimensional advertising boards that comprise lettering to signs that are illuminated from behind of within the sign.
  • Awning sides that are mounted over windows.
  • Window signs made with graphics that are stuck onto the glass of windows.
  • Vehicle signs and billboards mounted on trailers drawn by vehicles.

Of course, the material used depends on the type of sign chosen, which in turn will dictate price.

Wallace Graphics is well placed to help Georgia businesses choose the most effective business signs. Call us today for more information and advice. We’re here to help.

The Value of Dimensional Signage for Businesses

Dimensional signage can make a much greater impact than most other types of flat signs, particularly when lettering and logos are used to identify a company or business. Well-designed and imaginatively displayed, dimensional signs will catch the eye of passers by whether they are on foot or driving past in a vehicle. They are also generally easier to read and more memorable than other signs.

3D Logo | Dimensional Wall Display | Corporate Interior

Suitable for use in corporate displays both indoors and outdoors, dimensional signage is ideal for use on the sides of buildings, for storefronts, reception areas, and lobby walls, even for conference center walls. They are a popular choice for trade show booths, and work well for some neighborhood signs, as well as tenant signs.

Dimensional signage is a very popular choice amongst a wide range of enterprises including retail operations, businesses, various organizations, and restaurants. While the businesses, organizations and so on don’t have much in common in terms of operations, dimensional signs allow any type of enterprise to display a message or identity using a very distinctive form of presentation.

The Versatility of Dimensional Signage

There are various ways to design dimensional signage too. For instance, stand-alone letters may be used to spell out a message or name, or they may be used as part of a signboard either recessed or extending outwards. Either way, what makes them different to other forms of signage is the effect of depth, and this makes them particularly effective when viewed from a distance.

The use of color will also help to make dimensional signage stand out, as will customized illumination that will ensure they stand out no matter time of the day or night it is.

How Dimensional Signs Are Made

Various different materials may be used to make dimensional signage including wood, PVC, foam, aluminum, acrylic materials, and a number of other substrates.

Aluminum, wood, and PVC are all perfect for outdoor use, but foam should really only be used indoors.

The professionals at Wallace Graphics use a highly specialized computerized router to custom make all types of dimensional signage. We will design and make exactly what you need to stand out.

When to Use Backlit Displays

Backlit DuratransBacklit displays are beautiful when properly created and they have an incredible impact. So it is not surprising that the trend for their use is growing in the world of marketing.

Apart from anything else they create great first impressions that can help companies build brands.

The Use of LED For Backlit Displays

Today many television and computer screens use LED backlighting for effect and impact. The lighting is literally behind the screen. This same technology is used to light displays in offices and at trade shows. It is eco-friendly and hugely effective.

The effects can be powerful for marketing or educational purposes. Better still, the displays last longer than other media forms and yet are amazingly budget friendly.

Unlike photographs, backlit displays are created with transparencies that are rather like big slides that allow the light to shine through them.

So where would you use backlit displays? The most obvious applications are:

  1. In the office
  2. At trade shows and other events

Backlit Displays for Office Decor

Whether you want to create an eye-catching display in the office or use pictures to promote what the business does, backlit displays provide awesome options. It is particularly effective for customized branding.

These might be used in a reception area or a boardroom, and they might take up a relatively small area or an entire wall.

Backlit Displays for Trade Shows and Events

One of the advantages of backlit displays is that they can be created so that they are transportable and can be used for booths and other stands. They are much more effective than posters or simple photographic displays and are fantastic for branding products and companies.

In fact, backlit trade show displays have been heralded as “one of the hottest advertising trends at trade shows” this year (2017).

Why Backlit Displays are Better Than Photographs and Posters

When posters and photographs are exposed to UV light they fade. It doesn’t happen immediately, but if you look at old photograph albums your parents or grandparents had you’ll immediately see the difference.

When a high-quality transparency like Duratrans is used the opacity is extraordinary.

Backlit Displays From MegaBytes Digital

MegaBytes Digital has an enormous Lightjet printer that can produce huge, high quality photographs up to 72 x 120 inches in size. The Duratrans “photographs” are created in the form of a transparent film that makes the pictures come alive.

Does the idea excite you? If so, contact us to find out how to join the trendsetters.

Vehicle Graphics for Marketing

When it comes to return on investment (ROI) vehicle advertising is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Regardless of size, clever use of digital graphics turns the vehicle into a moving billboard.

Vehicle graphics are a great way to expose your brand simply by displaying your logo on a car that is your corporate color. Or you can attract attention creatively, with images and words, or use vehicle graphics to share a short mission statement.


Considered a segment of outdoor advertising as a whole, vehicle wraps are relatively new. While billboards have been used for more than a century, vehicle graphics were first used in 1993 when a digital graphics pioneer wrapped a bus in vinyl that advertised Crystal Pepsi. The vinyl product was new and its impact was incredible. Additionally, because it could be stuck onto buses and other moving vehicles, it was considerably more versatile and achievable than most other outdoor advertising media.

Within seven years, the new mobile outdoor advertising trend had expanded to private vehicles and companies offered to pay individuals to advertise products and services. Businesses also used – and still use – vehicles to advertise because this is such an effective, cost effective form of marketing. Digital graphics are also used to wrap rental vehicles.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has ascertained that 95 percent of American citizens are exposed to “media targeted” vehicles. It has also been estimated that one wrapped vehicle is likely to be seen by anything from 30,000 to 80,000 people every day! But this in itself won’t ensure effective marketing.

Having decided to go with vehicle graphics, companies need to ensure that the message they share is legible and contains sufficient information for interested parties to follow through. This might be a telephone number or a website address. Without it, you won’t get tangible leads that you and your marketing team can measure. But combined with powerful digital graphics, your wrap has the potential to make your business a winner.

Advantages of Vehicle Graphics

Unlike most other types of advertising that are placed in printed media, or on television or radio channels, vehicle graphics work constantly 24:7 every day of the year. Furthermore, they can be used anywhere, depending on need, from the CBD to localized events in suburban settings.

The OAAA rates vehicle wraps as offering the cheapest form of “cost-per-impression” of any type of advertising. They are also incredibly versatile and can be used for any type of marketing promotion, long- or short-term.

Like all other forms of advertising, vehicle graphics can be used to unify and strengthen a brand.

But to ensure the feasibility and viability of any digital graphics campaign, it is essential to employ a company that understands the logistics and dynamics involved. Wallace Graphics is your best Georgia-based option. We have been helping businesses make their vehicles stand out for more than 17 years. We have a team of highly talented professionals that will ensure your vehicle graphics are effectively and professionally designed and printed. Call us to discuss your needs.

Use Trade Show Signage to Increase Business Leads

Established trade shows are a brilliant medium to increase business leads. But you need to choose shows that are relevant to your business and opt for trade show signage that will attract the industries and professionals you want to target.

Generally, trade shows are geared for a specific industry and they are not open to the general public. This means that you can choose your audience and cater to it, effectively increasing awareness of your products and services, and getting good quality business leads.

One of the most attractive factors of trade shows is that they provide business owners and their staff with the opportunity to meet customers face-to-face. This can be a powerful form of marketing. But first you need to pull the right people to your booth or stand – and the best way to do this is with display graphics and well-designed trade show signage.

Secrets of Successful Trade Show Signage

Retractable Banners | Tradeshow Graphics

The very nature of trade shows means that there will be competitors exhibiting alongside you. For this reason, it is vital to portray visually what your competitive advantage is. And what better way than with carefully focused signage? Of course, signage won’t stand alone, and once people stop at your booth they don’t want to be disappointed.

The design of your booth and design of signage should go hand-in-hand so that your business or product brand is clear to those visiting the show. Potential customers need to be able to ascertain in seconds what you are offering and be persuaded that they should stop and find out more. Marketing material, displays, and of course the people you employ to communicate with customers will all play a big role in getting worthwhile business leads.

So, show signage attracts your audience, and then people with the necessary tools talk to them and increase their interest, if not convert them. At very least give them business cards, pamphlets, and/or brochures to go home with. These should incorporate your branding and show exactly where people can find you in real time, on the internet, and on social media.

But what sort of trade show signage works best? Here are some tips:

  1. Signage should show people at first glance exactly what industry niche you operate in.
  2. It should embody the branding of your business and the products and/or services you offer.
  3. Use your logo and corporate colors on all signage.
  4. Signage needs to send a message that is like a call to action, that will attract people and make them stop and engage.
  5. Generally a combination of different graphic and display options can be combined for maximum effect. These include retractable banners, pop-up displays, and table top displays customized for use at trade shows.

Essentially, if you aim to get as many business leads as possible at the trade shows you attend, you need to attract attention and increase the interest of the right sort of person.

Wallace Graphics was born out of the trade show industry and our friendly professionals can provide you with the most suitable trade show signage available. Call us to discuss your needs during the planning phase and we will help make your next trade show a success.

Benefits of Fabric Sublimation Printing for Outdoor Custom Business Signs

If you need fabric displays or banners printed, fabric sublimation is a perfect choice. Even though it takes a little longer than most other printing processes created this way, your custom business signs will be UV, water, and scratch resistant, and they won’t peel or fade.

Ultimately, your custom business signs will be cheaper, will last longer, and will be more sustainable than signs made using other printing methods.

About Fabric Sublimation

Fabric Sublimation | Graphic Printing | Retail Display

Fabric sublimation printing is a form of digital printing, which is rapidly replacing old, traditional printing methods largely due to flexibility and cost efficiency.

Fabric sublimation printing commonly utilizes heat to transfer solid CMYO dyes to materials including synthetic fabrics, plastic, vinyl, and paper. Unlike CMYK printing that uses inks in the four standard colors – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black – CMYO dyes do not contain black. Instead, equal amounts of cyan, magenta, and yellow are combined to create “black”. Lighter than true black, the black color created in CMYO printing is lighter, less dense, and more like a dark gray or charcoal.

However, there are also dye sublimation printers that do print using CMYK and even CMYK plus four additional colors, orange and violet, as well as a light magenta (Lm) and light cyan (Lc). For these, ink is often used together with transfer paper. The transfer paper used for this form of high-quality fabric sublimation printing has a particularly high ink absorption. It releases the ink when it is heated, and the ink dries very quickly. Some don’t even use the transfer method. Instead, they print directly onto suitable material (especially coated fabrics) and then use heat to “set” the print or image.

The ink or dye used for fabric sublimation printing literally becomes part of the structure of the synthetic medium it is printed on, which is why it doesn’t scratch or fade. Because it is resistant to the elements, fabric sublimation printing is perfect for many outdoor custom business signs. This also ensures that signage is durable.

There isn’t any build-up of dye on the material being printed and once the dye bonds with it and dries, the color become incredibly intense and beautifully bright. This not only looks attractive but is eye-catching and impressive, which is just what you want for an outdoor custom business sign to draw attention to potential customers.

The fact that it works on a range of different materials is also an advantage. It is ideal for fabric banners, flags, displays, and other custom business signs.

Tradeshow Graphics | Fabric Sublimation

Digital sublimation printing is also ideal for shorter production runs, as well as signs that are designed with multiple colors and those that incorporate photographic images.

Customized flexible fabric frame systems make fabric sublimation printing even more versatile. Not only do they create a lovely clean and finished look, but the printed fabrics can be easily switched to match a new marketing campaign or a different look. These framing systems can be lit from the back or front, depending on where the custom business signs are to be used.

If you are interested in finding out more about fabric sublimation printing for your business, call us at Wallace Graphics today to find out what options we offer.

Custom Business Signs for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has become increasingly popular, particularly for smaller businesses. And like everything else in life, it can be online or on the high street in real time!

Vehicle Wraps

Either way, you’re going to need custom business signs of some sort to convey your message to your customers.

High Street Mobile Marketing

Unlike high street shopping that requires premises (and a variety of static custom business signs), high street mobile marketing is quite literally on the move. That said, it may take a variety of forms from vehicle wraps and fleet graphics to mobile billboards transported on trailers.

All of these provide an excellent way for a business to be noticed, and for you to communicate publicly what you have to offer in terms of goods or services. It is also a great way to promote your brand company image.

Digital Mobile Marketing

A large percentage of customers are constantly on the move, and they use mobile devices to get information, directions, and make purchases. For this reason, you must be sure that your business website is responsive, and will adjust to any sized screen of phone, computer, laptop, or tablet. If a customer (or potential customer) can’t read your custom business signs and other content on their smart phone, they’ll go somewhere else, to a business that has adopted a good responsive website design.

Additionally, Google ranks website with responsive design more highly than those that are not responsive. So when a potential customer does a search for a company that caters for the same niche as you, those with a responsive design will show up higher on the search engine’s list of results.

Another good reason for responsive design is to have integrated online payments for your business. So once a customer has decided to buy your product, they can buy it then and there. If the process is user-friendly, there’s a good chance that person will return to make further purchases. If it isn’t, they are more likely to go elsewhere.

Another trend that is emerging is custom-made apps that customers can download. Once you have engaged a new customer, you invite them to download your app so that they can access your business and online products and services without having to do Google searches or navigate the Internet in any other way. Once they have the app you can increase communication and engagement with your customers, and provide information via words and custom business signs.

If you need any form of custom business signs, including vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, and mobile billboards designed and printed, Wallace Graphics in Atlanta can help you. You can use our designs on your web site too. Call today for more information.

Digital Wallpaper Trends for 2017

Whether you opt for an existing digital wallpaper design or have something created to meet your own specific needs, there are some amazing digital wallpaper trends emerging in 2017.

corporate interiors | custom wallpaper

Above all, innovative digital printing technology allows designers to create just about anything they want. This incorporates an enormous world of needs from incredible feature walls that simply inspire, to walls that make a corporate statement.

The over-riding factor is that one-of-a-kind murals may be created using short runs that don’t rely on stock. It’s print-on-demand for wallpaper!

So What is Trending in the World of Digital Wallpaper?

In many ways, the projected digital wallpaper trends for 2017 are a misnomer because they belie what they stand for. For instance, breaking right out of the box, the old concept of repeating patterns is out. Instead, just about anything is acceptable, even printing new colors and patterns over existing wallpaper that is considered “dead stock.”

Some ultra-exciting trends include:

  • Interactive wallpaper that isn’t simply a backdrop, but something that means something. For children, bold black-and-white illustrations invite them to color while for adults, magnetic wallpaper gives them the opportunity to hang up their own works of art.
  • Metallic digital wallpaper, while not new in concept, continues to trend. It adds glitz and load of glamor and can look old or new in style.
  • Glow-in-the-dark wallpaper that brings a room alive at night.
  • Digital wallpaper that features florals and botanical images is back in vogue. But not pretty pink like granny used to like! These are bold and beautiful and don’t necessarily look like plants and flowers found in nature. The idea is simply to exploit the images to enhance your interior, either corporate or homey.
  • Botanical realities from ferns to water lilies.
  • Using a beautiful photograph that could be a view from your living room or corporate office. It’s an amazing solution for rooms without windows!
  • The ultimate trompe l’oeil that mimics any number of surfaces from wood paneling to brick or stone surfaces. It’s even easier than using a faux veneer.
  • Feature walls that mimic natural materials from reeds to rusty fencing. Although similar to the trompe l’oeil idea, this type of digital wallpaper can be more of a picture than a fake surface – a mix between the two previous ideas.

All-in-all most of these trends lie in a world of infinite virtual reality and can take on any form you like. This is at the heart of digital wallpaper.

If you want some great ideas for your spaces, contact MegaBytes Digital today. We can help you make it happen.